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We make custom branded bags for some of the most versatile, responsible, eco-friendly bag brands in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Have a look at some of these bags below and drop us a line if you want us to work with your brand.

When we started our business, we were approached by some young designers based out of Birmingham, UK. They found us on the internet (all those years back!) and wanted us to make bags for a small brand they were starting. This was different from the bags that we usually made, which were mainly promotional in nature. But these guys were so sweet, we couldn’t say no! That was our first tryst with making complicated, designer bags for brands.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a lot of international designers and brands. We now have a knack of creating eco-friendly cotton and jute bags for brands, that require heavy customization, varied fabrics and complicated prints. Have a look at some of the bags we have made for brands below.

If you have a vision of an cotton or jute bag, that you believe would wow your customers, come to us and let’s make it a reality together!


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